St. Charles Borromeo Parish

Mass Sign-Up Is Not Required

Mass sign-ups are no longer required for our weekend services. Vigilant cleaning and sanitation methods remain in place to keep everyone safe; including social distancing, mask wearing, and hand sanitation stations.
Complimentary masks are available. Thank you for your cooperation! Click here to view our mass times and informaton.


2021 St Charles Special Mothers Day Mass Promo Image

Watch our special Mother's Day Mass May 9th on our YouTube Channel. This Mass will feature a special guest Cantor, Lectors, musicians and music. Click here to watch.


2021 St. Charles Borromeo Garage Sale Promo Image

The 2021 Annual Garage Sale takes place June 15-19 at the Saint Charles Borromeo Academy Gym. View our parish facebook page for continued updates. Donation drop-offs are being accepted (at the back gym entrance) beginning April 10.

The complete drop-off schedule is: Saturdays (April 10 to June 12) - 9 am to 12 pm, Wednesdays (April 14 to June 9) - 3 to 6 pm, Sunday (June 13) - 12 to 6 pm, Monday (June 14) - 9 am to 6 pm, and Tuesday (June 15) - 9 am to 5 pm. For more information contact Cynthia Tomes at (816) 805-9189 or [email protected]




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Another Way

My blog musings are written, in part, to inspire myself—and anyone else who reads them—to challenge the church we love to point to Christ, to imitate Christ, and to align with Christ first and foremost, instead of pointing to, serving, and protecting itself as an institution.  I believe that when Jesus established the church, He […]

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Each year during Easter Week, we hear stories of Jesus’ appearance to His followers after the resurrection.  But even His closest companions did not recognize Him.  Mary Magdalene thought He was a gardener; Cleophas and his companion took Him for a fellow-sojourner; the Apostles, locked in quarantine, thought He was a ghost; the Disciples on […]

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Woke Christianity

A priest I know periodically added to the Mass’s Prayers of the Faithful one that had shock-potential for worshippers.  He would proclaim: “Let us pray for all those who are dead but don’t yet know it…”  Taking a potshot at the walking dead among the Christian faithful who go to Mass out of routine or […]

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