Music Ministry

The Saint Charles Borromeo Music Ministry assists the congregation as an active
and integral part of worship. Various opportunities to volunteer
your time and talent are available.

Adult Choir
The adult choir sings on a rotating basis each weekend throughout the year and is open to all adults of the parish. Weekly rehearsals take place on Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 pm in the church.

Cantors lead the assembly in sung prayer. Schedules are prepared quarterly throughout the year and are based on your personal schedule and preference. Practices are held during the week and prior to your scheduled Mass time.

Instrumentalists assist in leading the assembly by providing support to the congregational singing. All instruments are welcome. Practices are scheduled during the week and prior to your Mass time. 

For more information or to join the Music Ministry,
please contact the Parish Office at (816) 436-0880.

"They lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music and praised the Lord..."  (2 Chronicles 5: 13b)

We are all called to be active participants in the Eucharist. The renewal of the Roman Missal three years ago, carried out in accordance with the decrees of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, took great care to ensure that all the faithful may actively participate in the celebration of the Eucharist. All of the faithful, by virtue of their baptized status, have the right and duty to this "full, conscious, and active participation" that is required by the very nature of the Liturgy.  We need to make certain that we are not only saying the parts of the Mass but also singing them.

The Christian faithful who come together as one in expectation of the Lord's coming are instructed by the Apostle Paul to sing together psalms, hymns and spiritual canticles (Con. 3: 16).  Singing is the sign of the heart's joy (Acts 2: 46). Thus St. Augustine says rightly, "Singing is for one who loves," and there is also an ancient proverb: "Whoever sings well prays twice over." (The Roman Missal, 3rd Edition).

The music ministry exists to act as a vehicle to usher in the presence of God. It is to set and establish an atmosphere that is conducive to worship, enabling the presence of God to move freely among the congregation to experience Christ on a personal level and communal level.  The music ministry should serve as an enhancement to the Liturgy, not a distraction. The music should prepare the people for the hearing of God's Word and the reception of Christ.  It is not an end in itself or a means of filling gaps in the worship experience. The music ministry is to assist the congregation as an active, participatory, and integral part of the worship.

As a music ministry, our primary mission is to magnify and glorify Jesus Christ in everything we do (Colossians 3: 16-17). It is the mission of the Music Ministry to facilitate the fulfillment of the overall mission and vision of St. Charles through the delivery of:

A. Spiritual music that enhances the worship of the people.
B. Music that edifies, inspires, and challenges the body of Christ and further enables them to experience Christ on a personal and communal level.
C. Music that continues to raise the level of consciousness of the people to the awesome nature of God through praise and worship.
D. Christ-centered music that shares the "Good News" of the Gospel.
E. Training that equips, empowers, and enables others to grow and realize their full potential in the area of music ministry.