The Sacrament of Confirmation


rc27rpes35jc0a10e699eerz6dl.pngThe goal of St. Charles Borromeo Confirmation program is to invite teens to encounter Christ & develop a relationship with Him. To do so, the Confirmation program strives to foster transformative faith, community, and a greater understanding of each student’s vocation. Participation in youth ministry, attendance at Sunday mass, and activities with the wider parish is part of our call to community and visible expression of our Catholic faith. For more information, please contact our Youth Coordinator, Jennifer Harris 816-436-1009 ext. 313.

Adults: Adults who have been baptized in the Catholic Church but who have not received the sacrament of Confirmation and desire to do so should call to set up an appointment to meet with the Director of Faith Formation. At that time a determination will be made regarding the preparation program most appropriate for the individual. This may be either a short series of meetings leading to the annual Confirmation Rite celebrated with our Bishop or participation in the parish Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Contact our Director of Faith Formation, Benjamin Darnell 816-436-0880 ext. 214 for more information.

Sponsor Involvement: All candidates are required to have a sponsor, and it is preferable to have chosen the sponsor before the time of preparation begins.  The Sponsor must be a confirmed, Catholic adult and may not be a parent of the candidate. The sponsor is required to attend the Confirmation sessions.

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Confirmation 2019

Confirmation Dates and Information

Confirmation will take place on Wednesday, November 6, 2019:

     • 5:00 PM-candidates and sponsors check in at front table in the Commons

     • 5:30 PM-Bishop Johnston speaks to candidates and sponsors in the Commons

     • 7:00 PM-Mass begins in the St. Charles Borromeo Church

     • Directly following Mass-Cake and Punch Reception in Borromeo Hall

Please register by May 1, 2019

Summer Sessions:
Summer sessions will take place in the Commons from 12:15pm - 1:45pm.

Sponsors and candidates are asked to attend together. If the sponsor cannot attend, a parent may come in his/her place. However, the candidate must have another adult present as most of the sessions require specific discussions involving sponsors. The dates of sessions are listed below.

Calendar Dates:

     May 1: Registration Due

     June 9: (after 11:00am Mass, 12:15pm)

     July 14: (after 11:00am Mass, 12:15pm)

     August 11: (after 11:00am Mass, 12:15pm)

     September 15: (after 11:00am Mass, 12:15pm)

     October 5: Confirmation Retreat

  • 1 PM Pizza
  • 1:30 Reflection
  • 2:00-3:00 Adoration and Reconciliation
  • 3:00-3:30 Reflection
  • 3:30 Reflect and Prepare for Mass
  • 4:00 Class and Sponsors attend Mass/Fr. Don acknowledges Confirmation class

     November 3: Rehearsal

     November 6: Confirmation