St. Joseph's Table

The feast of St. Joseph, patron saint of workers and the protector of the family is celebrated annually with a St. Joseph's Table.  

According to legend there was a drought and famine in Sicily many centuries ago.  The people prayed to St. Joseph, and asked his intercession before the throne of God.  Their prayers were answered.  The clouds opened up and poured rain.  With the ending of the drought and famine, a special feast of thanksgiving was held to honor St. Joseph.  To show their gratitude, they prepared a table filled with food from the crops.  

At St. Charles Borromeo Parish, we prepare a table filled with artisan bread, baked goods, fish, pasta, wine, flowers, and gifts.  The three-tiered table represents the Holy Trinity and includes a statue of St. Joseph.  A special table is set for the Holy Family at the front of the display.  After the table is blessed, parishioners and members of the community are invited to view the table and share a meal of Pasta Milanese, Pasta with Plain Sauce, Bread, Frozia, and a beverage.

Attendees receive a piece of bread and a lucky fava bean from the St. Joseph Table to keep in their homes for luck and prosperity.

The table's bread, wine, cookies and baked goods are sold to raise funds for those in need.  Free will donations are accepted.

The St. Charles Borromeo St. Joseph's Table is made possible each year by community vendors, donors, and dedicated parishioners who volunteer their time and talents.  Volunteers prepare all of the Italian cookies, cannolis and pastries.  The meal is prepared by Mrs. Carmela Pollina and her family.  Their dedication and continued support is greatly appreciated!

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