Guatemala Programs of Hope

John and Mary Ann Glenski (816) 436-2836


St. Charles Borromeo Parish provides friendship and financial support to the people of Guatemala with our “Program of Hope.”  Our goal is to help the people of Guatemala by building stoves, clean water systems, and education.  Parishioners can participate by financially sponsoring students at Mi Casita and Sangrada Esperansa schools, financially supporting the Student Scholarship Program, attending the Pre-Thanksgiving dinner, contributing to our annual collection, saving and recycling aluminum cans, purchasing “typical” Guatemala gift items, or by joining the Guatemala Task Force.

The Task Force is a group who plans and coordinates the activities of the Program of Hope for the parish.  For more information, please contact John and Mary Ann Glenski at 816-436-2836.

Are you interested in sponsoring students, contributing to our annual collection, or joining the Task Force?  Please fill out the form below: