2021 Saint Charles Remembrance

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2021 Saint Charles Remembrance

The month of November is a time in which the Catholic community remembers those who have died. This is a special time to reflect on the end of life and the great hope that our earthly end is transition into a new life in God’s heavenly reality.

As a part of this tribute, St. Charles Borromeo Parish lovingly offers these submitted names of our beloved departed. We give thanks for those who have gone before us and we look with prayer and hope to their new life in heaven and our desire to join them there one day.


Stanley Bukaty and the repose of his soul.

Bob Hord

Special intention for my deceased mother, Margaret Boetger.

Joseph “Jay” D’Amato

Larry Lane (father/grandfather) 12/3/20

Jeff DeMarco; Inez DeMarco; John DeMarco, Sr.

For the repose of the soul of Robert (Bob) Stover.

Dr. Jose R Somoza and Mrs. Maria J Somoza. You are missed daily; we pray for your eternal peace in Heaven.

Joe DiGirolamo

Julie Kelly (deceased wife); John Kelly and Tim Kelly (sons); Joan Kelly Hill (daughter); all deceased.

Deacon John and Doris Koch.

Darlene Johnson, Wife (4-19-21); Patrick Johnson, Son (11-12-1997).

Lena LaSala; Phil LaSala; Rose Thomas

Nadine A. Loetel

Roy Corbitt

Karl and Mary Suzanne Schneider; Rosalie Ross

Remembrance of mother, Freda Wescott.

Sophie Marie Kuzma Krzesinski

Becky Weyrauch; Charlotte Schmidt; Sally Bequette; John Weyrauch; Jane Hamilton; Joseph Hamilton;
Ray Weyrauch, and Marie Weyrauch

Helen Klenklen

In loving remembrance of my parents Ray and Ruby Ballew.

Lois A. Darr (mother) that she may rest in eternal peace.

Mr & Mrs John Bambick; John Stepanich; Roslyn Easu.

Pat O'Neil (former parishioner)

Janet Jelavich

Mary Ann Rumker;  Yvonne Malaponti; Louie Malaponti.

For the souls of Don and Virginia Basham.

David Denneh; Pauline Russak; Theodore Russak; Virginia Dennehy; Michael Dennehy; Heidi Schlicte.

Leonard Robinson

Nelde Custodio; Orlando Custodio; Wenceslao Sinosa Sr; Leonardo Custodio; Natividad Custodio; Emilia Custodio; Ronaldo Baido; Eleanor Paramosa; Rodrigo Paramosa.

Frank Branca

Mother, you are now at rest with your beloved husband and firstborn. Ginnie, you are sorely missed. You have a beautiful little grandbaby, Finnegan Paul. Keep an eye on him as well as the rest of the Hiler family.

Otis & Ruby Rose, my parents, and Barbara Rose, my sister.

Loving father, grandfather, brother of Knights of Columbus, and parishioner - Michael R. Adams.

I pray for my beautiful Mother and Brother. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace in Heaven. Amen.

Rudy Janchar

Kelly Kaullen

Pray for the souls of our deceased family members, especially Alexander Linarello, Jr.; Kathleen Linarello; Kenneth R. Cowper; Darlene Cowper; Patrick Cowper; Linda Cowper; Mary and Dick Wilson; Joan, Dick and Kris Nelson;
Pat and Marty McNicholas; Jimmy Murphy; MaryLou and Max Mixon.

Larry Lucas