Week Two: April 6 - 10

Day One: Go Into The Desert

In the desert, we encounter the tempter, the deceiver, the prince of darkness, the lord of lies.

What are the dark or hidden parts of yourself that you ought to encounter?

Are there any ways in which you are being deceived by evil forces or tempted to be other than who God created you to be?

Jesus faced the demon—in what ways can you face your demons?


Day Two: Ascend To The Mountaintop

No longer alone, Jesus is with His closest friends who catch a glimpse of His otherworldly self.

What are your mountaintop experiences?

In what ways do you catch a glimpse of a glory
that awaits in a world beyond?

In what ways do your closest friends grasp your true/spiritual being?

How do you balance the desert and the mountaintop in your life?


Day Three: Look Deep Into The Well-Springs

The Well is a symbol of reflection, a place to look deep, to see who we truly are. Jesus encounters The Woman at The Well who suffers: a woman in a time of men, a Samaritan in a culture of Jews, an outcast even among women.

In what ways do you share in her rejection?

In what ways are you the Christ-figure who meets the rejected person and reminds her/him that s/he is a child of God?


Day Four: Sight, Hindsight, Foresight, Insight

Jesus encounters a Man Born Blind who “sees” Him initially as a man, then as a prophet, and finally as The Messiah. Eyes on the face give sight to see physical matter; the eye of the mind gives us hindsight to analyze; the eye of the will gives us foresight to make wise decisions; the eye of the soul gives us insight to see beyond the physical.

In what ways do you have 20/20 vision to see as God sees?

In what ways do your eyes need to be opened to gain insight and to gaze upon The Lord in ordinary, daily encounters?


Day Five: Rise To New Life - A Second Chance

Jesus’ dear friend, Lazarus, dies and, after four days, is brought back to life. This story is given to us historically (Lazarus dies and rises from the dead), symbolically (we are Lazarus and we can also be set free from what binds or shackles us by Jesus’ prayer), and prophetically (we shall one day rise again by Christ’s command).

In what ways, like Lazarus, do you need to be set free from personal choices or habits that make you part of the living dead?

What form of death exists in you that you desire to rise from so that you can be embraced by the living God?