School of Religion


School of religion supports parents in the faith formation of their children in grades 1-8.  Any child in the parish is welcome to participate in this method of supplemental religious formation.  The School of Religion is a unique opportunity to those public school students who do not have faith formation opportunities in their perspective schools.

Each Sunday, children from the parish will gather with a catechist to study, pray and experience the latest, age-appropriate, Catholic resources and methods to learn the faith.  Students will follow the Liturgical Calendar as well as a "spiral" method of faith formation that builds foundations in religious education based on the following care components of our Catholic faith:

1. Divine Revelation / Salvation History
2. The Holy Trinity
3. Jesus Christ
4. The Church
5. Life in Christ - Catholic Morality
6. Sacraments
7. The Kingdom of God
8. Prayer

The "Divine Pedagogy"

Using a variety of creative methodologies in faith formation, we will spend the most time forming children according to the way God teaches his people grounded in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the General Directory of Catechesis.


For more information, please contact Benjamin Darnell at 816-436-0880 ext. 214 or [email protected]