2021 Capital Campaign


The 2021 Capital Campaign
Is Off To A Great Start!
Help Us Reach Our Vision



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View the Campaign Brochure now to learn more about the exciting potential projects
that will lift up our parish and school into a future filled with hope, progress, and success.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity. Your donation and/or financial pledge will help us strengthen our three pillars of ministry (worship, ministry, and outreach).

Every gift matters, regardless of the amount. Your Gift can make a difference!

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       St. Charles 2021 Capital Campaign Fr. Don Letter & Prayer            



Five Days of Reflection

The season of Thanksgiving reminds us of the many blessings we have received, all that we are grateful for. We call to mind the sacrifices our forbearers made as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of our parish.

As we contemplate our path going forward and consider what we must do as
good stewards, we offer these 5 Days of Reflection:




Campaign Questions & Answers

Listed below are some of the top questions asked by parishioners. 

Q: Why do we need to do a Capital Campaign?

A: Saint Charles Borromeo has needs that must be addressed as well as a vision for the future set forth by our pastor and shaped by parishioners. Both the needs and the vision require planning, resources and space.

Q: Does Saint Charles have enough money to spend on a Capital Campaign?

A: The Capital Campaign goal is $4,444,000 of which $1,512,000 is on hand or has been pledged. The funds needed to complete all five projects total $2,932,000. The projects will be prioritized for funding. We will build what we can afford and avoid a large long-term debt.

Q: Why don’t we just fix up the scout building?

A: We need to bring the building up to code, repair electrical issues, drainage and flooding issues, plumbing issues, roof, and access issues. It would cost more than $100k to fix all that is wrong with the building and it would still not meet the needs of our parish as our parishioners have defined those needs.

Q: Why do we need a new building?

A: Saint Charles Borromeo receives over 140 requests for space each month, with numerous conflicts during peak times. More groups are meeting in person post-COVID and the number of ministries is growing. This space would provide small, medium, and large areas for gathering (75-200 people). It could also serve as a classroom for the School of Religion or Borromeo Academy, a youth lounge, scout meeting room, a new food pantry that would not be attached to our school, a coffee bar and catering kitchen as well as an indoor/outdoor space opening up to Mary’s Garden.

Q: Why does the bulletin indicate the parish has a loss of income each month?

A: The amounts shown in the bulletin only reflect a portion of the parish’s income. While the last ten years have been challenging financially for Saint Charles, we have been blessed to have ended the last five years with a small parish wide profit. In an effort to be clearer and more transparent, the Finance Council plans to expand the financial reporting in the bulletin to include monthly results (income and expenses), special collections, capital campaign activity, etc.