Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is our parish’s primary faith formation for children ages 3 through 12. It draws the children into their covenant relationship with God through Scripture and Catholic liturgy, using hands-on materials in a reverential environment.

The child has a great capacity for contemplation and joy, having an innate knowledge of God and His greatness. What better way to allow Jesus to speak to the child than through His own words and the worship that puts those words into action.

Children ages 3-6, Level I, meet Jesus as the Good Shepherd and deepen their relationship with Him through Liturgy and Scripture. Their “work” takes them to

  • The objects, gestures, and prayers of the Catholic Liturgy
  • The foundation of the sacrament of Eucharist
  • The historical events of the life of Jesus, especially His infancy and final days
  • Jesus’ preaching, particularly the images of Christ the Good Shepherd and Christ the Light
  • The parables of the Kingdom of God
  • The sacrament of Baptism

Children ages 6-9, Level II, focus on their relationship with Jesus as the True Vine. They deepen their faith through study of Scripture, Liturgy, and the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, and Eucharist. The Bible and prayer as well as salvation history and gifts of the Kingdom of God are emphasized.

Children in fourth through sixth grades, Level III, have additional focus on God’s Plan in Salvation History, the Old Testament, the Mass and Sacraments, and the History of Worship.

This is just a taste of what Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is as it brings together the Mystery of God with the Mystery of the Child, resulting in a lifelong love for the Lord.

To register your children, please go to Borromeo Academy families who enroll as an extracurricular activity should register through the same site.** The sessions for 2018-2019 are

Level I: Age 3 (by August 1) through Kindergarten
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Wednesdays
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Thursdays (Class is full, consider Wednesday session)

Level II: First Grade - Third Grade
5:15 p.m. - 7:15 p.m. Wednesdays
3:45 p.m. - 5:45 p.m. Thursdays (Class is full, consider Wednesday session)

Level III: Fourth Grade - Sixth Grade
3:45 p.m. - 5:45 p.m. Thursdays

Register today! A late-registration will be assessed beginning Sept. 12, 2018. Sessions run Sept. 25, 2018 - May 16, 2019. Class rosters and schedules will be sent out by e-mail Sept. 19.

** Borromeo Academy children enrolled during school will be escorted to and from CGS. Child in after-school sessions will be picked up at the end of the school day and have a supervised snack time (providing own food) until the CGS session begins. **

Class size is limited to 10 for Level I and 12 for Levels II and III. Should sessions fill, your child can be placed on a waiting list. Please contact coordinator Jo Thornley Cox,, 816-522-3002.

For information on financial assistance and monthly payment plans, please contact Benjamin Darnell,, 816-436-0880, x214.

To know more, to become involved in making materials, or to work with the children, contact Jo Thornley Cox,, 816-522-3002.

To learn more about CGS

Mary Mirrione, National Director, CGSUSA, talks about the relationship between God and the child, and the importance of hands-on materials for encountering the world in the light of the Gospel. What if you could prepare an environment where the child is able to entrust themselves to the love of God for their entire lives? That would be religious formation for the whole of their life, even through adulthood.  Click here to listen to her Redeemer Radio interview.

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