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St. Charles Revitalization Campaign

St. Charles Revitalization Campaign




Saint Charles Borromeo Parish Prayer
Lord God, architect of souls and builder of human life, Christ, your Son, is the cornerstone of the Church and we are living stones that you raise to new heights.  As St. Francis was charged with rebuilding your Church and Pope Francis has challenged us to do the same, help us to build your Kingdom here at Saint Charles Borromeo Parish. Amen.


November, 2016, our Saint Charles Borromeo Parish embarked upon a three year revitalization campaign to assure sustainability for our future. This campaign is three-fold: 1) repopulate and rebrand our school; 2) repair and rebuild our facilities; 3) reinvigorate our faith community to return and rejoice.

On our feast day celebration, Bishop Johnston told us of the tumultuous time in which Charles Borromeo lived and how he had to combine very practical and mundane tasks with a very sacred and divine mission. He responded with vigor and purpose, trusting that God’s Holy Spirit would guide him. Our time and situation mirrors his as we face practical and mundane challenges with energy and excitement: repairing our church roof, replacing school windows, relocating our parish offices, and installing an elevator and gathering space. The total estimated cost is $1.2 million. Meanwhile, our School’s advisory board and sustainability team is proposing ways to enhance our enrollment, and our pastoral staff and parish leaders are addressing means to rejuvenate our faith community according to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I invite you to join these abundant efforts by being prayerfully generous to this Saint Charles Borromeo Revitalization Campaign.  Because of a very generous matching challenge gift, every contribution we receive will be doubled up to $500,000. What a blessing! Please help us to attain our goal.

Our church’s firm foundation has been set by our forebears throughout the seventy year history of our community. We will build upon the gift of our ancestors and hand it along to our descendants; as living stones, we look to Christ, the cornerstone of our faith to rebuild, rejuvenate, and revitalize Saint Charles Borromeo Parish. Thank you for your generosity.
Sincerely Yours in Christ,
Father Don Farnan, pastor