Your gift to the Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) makes a difference right here at St. Charles Borromeo Parish.  There are some who ask why they should give to the ACA when they already support our parish and see the many wonderful things going on here at St. Charles.  You may not realize that many of these wonderful things result, in part, from Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) supported agencies that coordinate, train and provide services to us.  Faith Formation classes, Youth Ministry, the Permanent Diaconate, Family Life…all these have an impact on our parish.

Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) ministries also reach beyond the boundaries of St. Charles Borromeo Parish.  Many Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) ministries provide services that are well beyond the scope of any single parish.  In combining resources, they are able to minister to the diverse ethnic populations in the diocese, provide much needed spiritual support on our college campuses, and assist with services for seniors, low income families and individuals. 

During the first part of October, parish members should have received a letter from Bishop Johnston requesting a pledge or gift to the 2018 Annual Catholic Appeal. With the letter, you will receive a pledge card and return envelope. Please mail your envelope to the Annual Catholic Appeal at the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.

Last year, through your generosity, the Annual Catholic Appeal received more than $1.8 million in gifts that is being used to share our faith with hundreds of thousands of people throughout northwestern Missouri. We ask again for your generous response to help our parish meet its goal for this year. If you did not receive a letter in the mail, please contact our parish office.


  • To demonstrate your spirit of thanks and gratitude to God for all His many gifts to you.
  • To give thanks to God for your faith, your ability, your health and your family.
  • To give outward proof of what your Catholic faith means to you through your example of personal sacrifice.
  • To share the spiritual and temporal blessings that come to those who assist in developing God’s work.

Did you know that some businesses and companies have a policy of matching their employee’s charitable contributions to qualified organizations? It is called a MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM. 

The Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) supports many ministries, services and schools that may qualify for such matching gifts.  You may be able to double your gift by simply asking your employer or HR department.

For more information, call the Stewardship and Development Office at 816-714-2396, ext. 520.

Our Lord Jesus Christ calls on each of us to be generous in thought, word, and deed.  God teaches us that in the measure we give, we also receive.  We need every family to make a commitment to this year’s Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA).


  • your ACA pledge supports our seminarians that become our parish priests
  • reaches the many diverse cultural groups within our local Church
  • your Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) pledge helps thousands of Catholics in Northwest Missouri
  • promotes effective Safe Environment training
  • your pledge helps many of our fellow parishioners
  • prepares men called to the Permanent Diaconate

What is the Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA)?

The Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) is the annual fundraising campaign that supports the work of the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph.

What Does the ACA Do?

The Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) is our way of supporting the work of the Catholic Church, both in our parish and throughout Northwest Missouri.

By giving to the ACA, you help:

  • Educate seminarians for the priesthood.
  • Build our faith communities through ministry education and training at the parish level,
  • Offer hope and encouragement to the grieving, the lonely and the elderly, and counsel and strength to families at risk.
  • Create an environment for our children where they will earn fundamental life values and receive a quality education through our Religious Education programs and Catholic School system.
  • Reach the many diverse cultural groups within our local Church.
  • Bring comfort and healing to people in need with emergency assistance.


Your Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) pledge is part of your personal commitment to Christian Stewardship; giving thanks to God by returning a portion of the blessings God has given you. There are so many ways God is made visible in the world around us.

Our local Church sees God in the hundreds of thousands of people it takes care of every year by teaching, sheltering and caring for all who come to it for help.

Without the ACA, this vital work of the Church would not be possible. You are asked to participate each year because the work of the Church is ongoing as the needs of our people are continuous and growing.

Your Church is coming to you now for help during the Annual Catholic Appeal. Won’t you please take a moment to fill out your Appeal pledge card?